A Film Experiment by Chris Peters

Running Time: 14m 52s



Can an A.I. be creative?

A machine intelligence spent six days watching the Mario Bava classic La Maschera del Demonio, then made its own disturbing movie.


The full website for the film is here: 24,483 DREAMS OF DEATH


A great review and interview in Filmmaker Magazine.

The electronic press kit can be downloaded here: Press Kit (PDF)


A Film Experiment by Chris Peters

Running Time: 5 min



Movie Poster - Vertigo A.I.Over a two day period, an A.I. repeatedly watched the movie Vertigo.

Starting as a blank slate, the A.I. received its entire knowledge of our visual world from this classic film. During the process, artist Chris Peters recorded the machine's neural network forming in real time - the “movie experience” made manifest.

A 5 minute film was made from these recordings, not footage in the traditional sense of photographed scenes, but footage of the internal experience of a new intelligence learning about our world for the first time.

To complete the experiment, a separate A.I. was used to write a narration for the recordings. Given a few lines of dialogue from Vertigo, the machine generated sentences that went off on their own wild tangents. The bizarre results were used verbatim, only edited for length.

With machine-generated imagery and narration, the film gives us a glimpse into a world at once familiar and fantastic – our world, as seen by a new intelligence of our own design.

Winner - Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film // 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival


Written and Directed by Chris Peters

Running Time: 10 min



Sam Jaeger and Jennifer Morrison play a couple struggling to cope with the death of their newborn son. In his despair, the husband must transform how he sees his wife and find a way to accept her dark wisdom.

It was an official selection of the 2015 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival in San Diego California, where it had it's world premiere.

To Dust Return Comic-Con


“The excellent performances by Sam Jaeger and Jennifer Morrison, along with the fantastic execution of Chris Peters, makes To Dust Return a powerful short film that will leave you thinking ... 5 out of 5 Stubs.”

Mark Krawczyk, 4GeeksLikeYou

“I would rate this short very highly, for the emotional sincerity of the excellent performances and for creating a hook that actually caught something meaningful in the process.”

Samir Roy, GAMbIT Magazine

“With a run time of 10 minutes it’s impressive that this film packs the emotional punch it does ... recommend seeing”

Ashley Benson, Once Upon A Fan


The full website for the film is here: TO DUST RETURN